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Winter is just around the corner but not an excuse to stop swimming!

Just because it gets a little colder outside parents, there is no excuse to stop taking little ones to the pool!
Swimming lessons are not just for spring/summer, it should be enjoyed with children all year around. Many parents ditch swim classes in the  belief that their will kids will develop colds, flus, ear infections and sore throats.

However research proves the exercise is beneficial for both parent and child and swimming as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Swimming all year around improves kids’ immune system and children who swim all year around and have an active lifestyle are less likely to become ill

After a swim parents should make sure you wrap up warm, be sure you dry children’s hair and ears properly before they walk outside and wrap them up in warm clothing and a hat!

Here’s our top five reasons why you should keep up your swimming lessons in winter:

  1. All the swimming pools we teach classes in are warm, heated to 30 degrees or more, so still nice and warm to enjoy
  2. Repetition and practice of exercises key as little ones will forget! They will progress much faster to independent swimming
  3. Swimming is a confidence-based activity for children and a break in lessons could negatively impacts on their confidence
  4. Many children who stop lessons over winter can no longer have the same strength and stamina that they previously had when they return.
  5. Why miss out in fun and precious bonding with your baby or toddler and enjoying family water-based activities just because its colder outside


So stay active this winter, find your local Aquababies class and have splashing great time!